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Skyquake's Ready or Not

(SVCH WTCH RTCH CH UCH Allstar Sundew Firestarter CD BN RTX OFTDsdm HTAD1cg DNA-VP x
Skyquake's Storm Chaser JS-E RS-E GS-E NAJ TKI DN DNA-VP)


Blue Merle Female (m/M268)

Eyes: R-blue, L-brown/blue

Tail long, docked

Born: 7/6/2023

Height: growing Weight: growing

Full dentition, scissor bite

MDR1: Clear by Parentage

CEA/CH: n/M (carrier/not-affected)

prcd/PRA: Clear by Parentage

HSF4/HC: Clear by Parentage

DM: Clear by Parentage

OFA Hips: not old enough

OFA Elbows: not old enough

Cerf: Normal/no notations - 2022

CHIC #: n/a

*coming soon

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