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My name is Samantha and I am the owner of Skyquake Aussies. I have always had dogs, and got "my" first dog nearly 10 years ago. She was a cream colored pomeranian puppy named, Kiara (who currently reigns supreme over the Aussies.) In a roundabout way, she is what led me to Aussies. A great friend of mine loved Kiara and wanted a dog similar to her. After she got a dog she decided to get into agility with her pup and invited me to join. It sounded like a blast but Kiara has luxating patellas and cannot take the stress on her joints that agility inflicts. I wanted another dog and one

About Me

that could be more active with me. This is how I ended up with my first Aussie, Boomer. Though I was largely unprepared for him, he ended up being a great dog. He left me too soon, and that is when I looked for a dog who I could be more competitive with. Rio was everything I ever wanted and needed - especially after loosing Boomer. And she is where Skyquake Aussies all began.

My life revolves around my dogs. I was an emergency veterinary technician for several years and while I loved that job as it allowed me to work with animals. My schedule did not allow much, if any, time for trials. I decided to pursue a different career that would be more conducive to my lifestyle, while also being relevant to my interests. I am now a nurse which allows the perfect balance between a satisfying career and being able to provide for my dogs.

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