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No Puppies available - one adult male available

Also check Available Adults

Please note we do not recognize a size classification for Australian Shepherds. There is no "standard", "mini", or "toy" sized Australian Shepherd. A Mini American Shepherd is an entirely different breed.

Our Puppies...

Our puppies are born inside the house and start experiencing life outside the whelping box at around 3 weeks. By the time they go home they will have been exposed to many different surfaces, environments, people, and sounds. They are raised following the "Puppy Culture" method to create confident, socialized puppies to the best of our ability. All tails are docked and rear dewclaws removed in the first few days of life.


While I will try my best to accommodate gender and color preferences, my first responsibility is to the puppies. I will recommend the puppy (or puppies) I feel best suits your family's needs. I do not accept deposits until puppies are born and thriving. Puppies will be evaluated between 7-8 weeks, when structure and personality are best assessed  and choices will be made at that point. Puppies will go to their new homes between 8-10 weeks of age.


Before your puppy comes home he will receive several dewormings, an eye exam, and the first vaccination along with being microchipped. He will come home with a sample of food, a toy, a copy of his pedigree, instructions for continuing the "Puppy Culture" model, photos, AKC/ASCA registration forms, breed information (and lots of it!), and copies of any relevant health testing done. We highly encourage frequent updates and any questions you may have about your puppy.


All puppies are sold with a contract and on a LIMITED/Not For Breeding registration unless otherwise discussed. These puppies may still compete in any sport venue (aside from AKC conformation) but will not be used for breeding.

All dogs sold on a limited registration must be desexed before 24 months of age. (See Education for more information)

Cost: $2000


Show/breeding homes are on a very limited basis and to approved homes only. We do not sell to people whose only interest is breeding. All dogs sold on a full registration will only go to homes whose primary intention is performance and/or show titling. Puppies sold to a show/performance/breeding homes will remain on a co-own registration until sufficient titles are obtained and all health testing is completed or the dog is desexed.

Cost: By private treaty only

I do offer discounts for repeat buyers and those who have titled previous offspring - email me to discuss further


*I no longer ship puppies - puppies must be picked up in person*

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