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Sharing the accomplishments of Skyquake bred-by dogs!

Mystic Barn Bkgrd.jpg


RATCHX2 Skyquakes Devil With a Blue Dress On OA AXJ XF CD RE REMX2 CZ8PS CGC (Lock x Rio)

Mystic placed 2nd in games at Barn Hunt Nationals in 2022! 



Skyquakes Heart of a Pirate JHD DM DSA JS-O GS-N TKN DNA-CP (Pirate x Rio)

Davy earned his first herding title "JHD" with his handler Megan! The had 3 fantastic runs. First of many to come!



Skyquake's In Too Deep RS-N JS-N TKI RATI (Quinn x Zumi)

Valley started her trialing career off with a bang! Qing in 7/10 runs in her first ASCA trial!



Skyquakes Got Your Six FDCH-G (Quinn x Zumi)

Sarge came in hot at his first flyball tournament! He was focused and determined! At his second tournament he put up a 4.3 second time running in the middle of the pack!

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